Congressional Dissonance: The Threat to our Military Bands

Air Force Memorial

In the past week or so, several influential and important people in my life and work have shared their dismay about an amendment to the House version of the Defense Authorization this year that would essentially gut the military bands programs. Specifically, it restricts performances in parades, civic events, holiday …

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Some changes coming soon

First, just had a great performance of my latest piece, infinity/interrupted, as a part of the Pale Blue. Winter Wind Ensemble Concert in Austin. I will be adding that recording soon. Also, I will be updating a lot about the site coming up, so come back often!

Updates Galore

I just finished adding some photo galleries to the photos page (in time of daffodils). Also, I added the last few recordings to “A Winter Fanfare” and “Celebration in the Morning.”   Enjoy!